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About Me

Some info on the webmaster


My name is Stephen Jacobs, and I've gone as Kami, as well as Kami Musubi. Web design has been a key interest of mine for many years. I started this site back in 2001 as both a creative outlet and an opportunity to take part in an online community. While I enjoyed updating the site as part of a hobby for years, I worked with images more often than code, leaving the background details to the website building software I used for assembling pages. There's nothing inherently wrong with that approach when it's for a hobby or working with images is simply your focus, though I wanted web design to be my career, and I decided that college would be my path to understanding code that I had been struggling to grasp.

In late spring of 2016, I completed a Bachelor of Web Development degree through online courses at Baker College, following an Associate of Applied Science degree. My years in college gave me insight into much more than just the basic code of a web page, though I achieved a personal goal of needing only a simple text editor to start and style a site project. I'm here again at Midnight Lagoon to apply my knowledge to my own space, while trying new things and continuing to learn.


Foliage Photo

Beyond web design, I have a casual interest in photography, studying it at my own pace through a correspondence course some time ago. I favor scenic shots of landscapes, and always try to bring a camera along when I expect to see the ocean, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, forests, or just some vivid fall foliage, like in the photo above, taken in October of 2011. Occaisionally, a good photo I've taken also suits a web project I'm working on, and I incorporate it.

Games With Building

Cathedral Interior

In addition to building websites, I like creating things in games, whether it's just a unique look for a character or a full structure. I spent some time building things out of voxels in Daybreak Game Company's Landmark before that game's demise in February of 2017. The cathedral above took months for me to build, and was to be part of a dungeon for other players to explore. I like setting up that sort of thing in a game, and as a web designer that once considered a career in making games, I'm keeping an eye on Media Molecule's Dreams.

Other Interests

I've always liked learning about mythology, as well as the histories of civilizations both recent and ancient. I once thought about a career in writing stories, and my most notable effort was about a cursed Egyptian tomb, in line with my interests. I may try writing stories inspired by mythology and ancient cultures again, as part of a web project.


Questions? Constructive criticism? Just want to talk? If you'd like to get in touch, I can be reached at webmaster@midnightlagoon.com.