Midnight Lagoon

Returning and Repurposing


After a hiatus, I've returned to this old website with some changes in mind. My own space on the Internet needed an overhaul, and after an extended deliberation, I decided to do more than just give the old fan site a new design. Trying new things with designs had always been my favorite part of having a website, and that's going to be a greater part of the focus now. I'll be building a collection of small personal sites with a variety of designs and content, all linked under Sites. If you'd like to find the old Tenchi Muyo! site, it can be accessed here, for now. Bear in mind that it hasn't seen significant changes in quite some time. My new aim with Midnight Lagoon is to further develop my web design knowledge and skills, while also exploring and sharing my other creative interests.

This blog will be the other major change here. After working on a website fairly consistently for nearly a decade and then studying web development in college, I think I have some insight into web design that could be useful to others, though I don't presume to be an expert just yet. As I gain experience and continue to learn, I'll share thoughts here in the hope that they'll be helpful. You can visit ML History to learn a bit about Midnight Lagoon through the first several years. I've included some notes on what didn't work that well, along with screenshots.

Thanks for reading, look for additional posts and additions at ML over time.

Page last updated: 6/21/2018